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A call came in from one of the good guys in Melbourne’s Melton area.  Allan had a need for a metal detector hire service even after he used his neighbours metal detector to try over two days, and find his own lost wedding ring after gardening, pulling weeds and digging holes for plants, good effort mate. He pulled out a lot of iron junk but no gold ring thats what some detectors are only really good at iron. 

Melton Metal detector Jewellery Rescue

A very good detectorist Paul  meet up with Allen with the right sort of gold finding gear that lives that side of Melbourne closest to the search site.  Allan said later he couldnt sleep properly while the ring was missing.  Paul searched in places Allan had allready search and some new places  he had not, we cover all possibilities we can some time where  no ring is expected to be..  Well If you know Paul I would have him like other Jewellery Rescue detectorists search for my lost gear any time as he is building experiance fast.  Needless to say Paul was successful in a couple of hours and found Allans Gold wedding ring where Allan had all but given up hope, Allan was one very happy man.  Well done Paul another success story to your credit where Allan needed the extra experiance and  gold seeking gear plus possible the experiance to use it effectivly.  Regards Tony JR

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